Sustainable Future – in every crisis there is an opportunity

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm (EEST)



President and Founder of EplerWood International

Megan Epler Wood is a thought leader, pioneer, teacher, and consultant on questions of managing sustainable tourism for destinations, business, and civil society. Epler Wood is the Director, International Sustainable Tourism Initiative Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.    She has led her firm EplerWood International since 2003 to design net positive regional tourism development projects working in over 35 countries with support from the World Bank, IFC, IDB, GIZ and USAID.

Since 2010 her research and on-line courses with Harvard and Cornell universities vetted a wide range of solutions to help protect destinations using science-based, technology-powered measures together with socially and environmentally responsible business development techniques- all designed to meet local economic development goals and global SDG and Paris Climate standards.

Her research work is presently dedicated to addressing the tough questions of managing tourism sustainably as it scales upward after the historic COVID 19 downturn of 2020-2021.  Epler Wood wrote her acclaimed 2017 book, Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet and widely-read 2019 report Destinations at Risk; The Invisible Burden of Tourism to address the gaps in governance, business and civil society models for meeting the aspirational goals of sustainable tourism worldwide.



Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus

Savvas Perdios was born in 1981 in Nicosia. He studied Accounting and Finance at Warwick University and International Hospitality Management at the École Hôteliere de Lausanne. Between 2008 and 2010, he worked for internationally known companies like Design Hotels in Mykonos and Kempinski Hotels in Switzerland.

From January 2010 until January 2018 he worked at Louis Hotels from the position of Quality and Brand Manager. After 8 years in that position, he was promoted to Chief Operation Officer, a position which he held until he was appointed as Cyprus‘s Deputy Minister of Tourism on January 2, 2019.



President of the Greek National Tourism Organization

Angela Gerekou is the President of the Greek National Tourism Organization since August 2019. She also served as the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism (2009-2010) and Deputy Minister of Culture (2014-2015)

She holds a degree from the School of Architecture of the University of Rome. She has worked as an Architect for the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, on special programmes for the renovation of underdeveloped areas of Athens and she has also worked out a great number of architectural projects in the island of Corfu.

She also has a significant career in acting. She studied in Derek Jakoby’s “London Academy of Performing Art” in London, UK and she was a member of Federico Fellini’s student group in Italy.

Since 2011 she is President of the Board of Directors of the Ionian Cultural Center which hosts since then the Corfu Festival of Arts.
During 2005-2006 she was appointed as the National Representative on Global Progressive Forum’s campaign against AIDS. She is also the president of the Lafkadio Hearn foundation.
She is a volunteer participant in various social initiatives for environmental protection, youth culture and sensitive social groups. She is an Ambassador for Tourism in ICC Hellas .

 She is  an activist for sustainable development and women rights, as a Senior Senator for Greece and Vice President of WBAF’s Global Women Leaders Committee.

Angela Gerekou will represent Greece as Senior Senator in the Grand Assembly of the World Business Angels Investment Forum.



Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the TUI Care Foundation

Thomas Ellerbeck is a Member of the Group Executive Committee and Group Director Corporate & External Affairs of TUI Group. He is responsible for Public Policy, EU and International Relations, Group Communications, Regulatory and Government Affairs, Environment and Sustainability as well as Foundations.

Thomas joined TUI in July 2013. He is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the TUI Foundation and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the TUI Care Foundation.

Thomas Ellerbeck serves voluntary at the interface of the economic, political and media arenas. His activities have included work as a member of the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings on Lake Constance since 2000. He is also a Co-Founder and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings Foundation since 2001. He is involved in international economic and political dialogue as a member of the Advisory Council of the Near and Middle East Association (NuMOV) and supports Trans-Atlantic cooperation as a member of

Prior to switching to a career in industry, he spent almost ten years working various regional and national government policy units. From 1995 until the end of 2000 he was one of the closest advisors to the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, initially as Deputy Spokesman of Federal President Professor Dr. Roman Herzog, subsequently as Head of the President’s Office.



Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Travel Foundation

Helen Marano is the founder and President of Marano Perspectives, Limited since 2019, whose mission is to lead the engagement and collaboration of key Travel & Tourism industry stakeholders to help develop plans and solutions that promote responsible industry growth. She previously served as Executive Vice-President of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) where over 7 years she built the Government and Industry Affairs Department for the advocacy efforts of WTTC and expanded WTTC’s engagement with academia, and other key tourism stakeholders.

Helen is a seasoned leader, having headed up the National Travel & Tourism Office of the United States for over a decade.  Her career spans key positions in destination management, market research, program and product development, and ten years in the financial services industry.

Helen is Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Travel Foundation and a Board Member of ArtWorks for Freedom, activist artists dedicated to raising awareness for deterring Human Trafficking.  She also serves on the Advisory Board for Blacks in Travel and Tourism Cooperative in the USA and has been serving for many years on the Advisory Board for the University of Surrey School of Hospitality Tourism Management in the UK.   She is a 2019 recipient of the Celebrating Her award for building global alliances that promote tourism as a force for good. In 2020 she was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Women in Travel and Tourism International for her leadership and contributions to the sector.



Chief Executive Officer of easyJet holidays

Garry Wilson joined easyJet holidays as Chief Executive Officer in November 2018 and holds responsibility for the easyJet holidays business, as well as being a member of easyJet’s executive board. Garry is a highly experienced commercial leader who has worked across international organisations, and has more than 20 years’ experience in travel. Prior to joining easyJet holidays, Garry worked at TUI Group, where he held the position of Managing Director for Group Product and Purchasing, leading commercial strategies across a number of markets and heading a large global team in 20 countries.

He also held the position of Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa for American travel group Orbitz Worldwide (now Expedia Inc.). Garry has worked extensively with overseas governments, PWC, and the Travel Foundation to create sustainable tourism policies throughout the world and is passionate about the power of global tourism to promote major economic growth and positive social change whilst minimising negative environmental impact. Garry has been a trustee of the Travel Foundation and Travelife and holds a BCom (Hons) in Business Management and Languages from the University of Edinburgh.



Global Industry Relations Associate Director, Tripadvisor

Fabrizio Orlando joined Tripadvisor at the end of 2018 and since then he leads the global Industry Relations team, overseeing the company’s institutional relationships, and global thought leadership projects and partnerships.

He works with national hospitality and tourism bodies, associations, and non-governmental organizations to build Tripadvisor’s role as a trusted partner for stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry. Fabrizio has a Philosophy degree from Federico II and a Master in Philosophy and Politics obtained at La Sorbonne University and before joining Tripadvisor he worked as a strategic consultant for a global consulting and market research firm.

Mrs. Saskia Constantinou

Mrs. Saskia Constantinou

Broadcaster, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

Saskia Constantinou is a producer and presenter for the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation-RIK.

Following her studies, she joined the National Symphony Orchestra, South Africa as a violinist where she played under conductors such as Zubin Mehta, Victor Yampolsky, Yehudi Menuhin, Enrique Batiz, Efrem Kurz, Carlo Franci and soloists including Kiri te Kanawa, Vanessa Mae, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. Her entrepreneurial spirit and love of travel led her to open a tour operating company with its own aircraft and cargo department which led to collaborations with President Nelson Mandela. Due to continuing violence in South Africa, Saskia moved to Cyprus in 2000, and developed her own programme ‘SaskiaUnreserved’ which is a no-holds barred programme of in-depth interviews with academics and intellectuals covering a broad spectrum of subjects.

Saskia has also worked as a music critic in Cyprus for both English newspapers, and in 2010 was awarded the Cyprus Business Woman of the Year for launching the first online ticketing system and children’s gardening programme Green Fingers which over 8,500 children have attended.

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Cyherbia features 9 themed herb gardens where visitors can learn about the benefits of local herbs, a large hedge maze, a woodland where hundreds of Cypress trees shape the outline of Cyprus, a distillation room where one can witness the extraction of essential oils, a tea room and shop with our own organic herb products. A fun day out for the whole family.

Το Βοτανικό Πάρκο Cyherbia αποτελείται από εννέα υπέροχους βοτανικούς κήπους, ένα δάσος μέσα στο οποίο εκατοντάδες κυπαρίσσια σχηματίζουν το νησί της Κύπρου και το πρώτο και μοναδικό λαβύρινθο στην Κύπρο. Στον χώρο του πάρκου υπάρχει και κατάστημα βοτανικών προϊόντων, καφετέρια και αποστακτήριο αιθέριων ελαίων. Οι επισκέπτες μαθαίνουν στον περίπατο τους για τα οφέλη των βοτάνων. Πράσινη διασκέδαση για όλη την οικογένεια!

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Μουσείο Μύλοι Χατζηγιώρκη-Hadjigiorkis Flourmill Museum

Αν ψάχνετε για μια ψυχαγωγική εμπειρία γύρω από την παραδοσιακή αγροτική ζωή της Κύπρου, κοπιάστε στο Μουσείο Μύλοι Χατζηγιώρκη! Το Μουσείο Μύλοι Χατζηγιώρκη είναι ένας διαδραστικός χώρος, όπου η παράδοση και η άυλη πολιτιστική κληρονομιά γύρω από την αλευροποιία διατηρούνται και αναβιώνουν.

Κατά τη διάρκεια της προγραμματισμένης σας επίσκεψης εδώ, θα ζήσετε την παραδοσιακή κληρονομιά της τέχνης της μυλωνικής και θα διαδράσετε με αυτή, βλέποντας την ιστορία της αλευροποιίας μέσω οπτικών εγκαταστάσεων, παρατηρώντας την παραδοσιακή διαδικασία άλεσης να παίρνει σάρκα και οστά μπροστά στα μάτια σας, ακούγοντας τους ήχους που συνόδευαν την καθημερινότητα των προγόνων μας, μυρίζοντας το άρωμα του φρεσκοαλεσμένου αλευριού.

Διάρκεια ξενάγησης: 35 λεπτά

Η ξενάγηση προσφέρεται δωρεάν.

Η προκράτηση θέσης για ξενάγηση είναι απαραίτητη.

Μπορείτε να προκρατήσετε τη θέση σας στο 23821945 ή μπορείτε να στείλετε προσωπικό μήνυμα στη σελίδα μας.

If you are looking for a fun way to experience the traditional, agricultural life of Cyprus, Hadjigiorkis Flourmill Museum is the place to be. Hadjigiorkis Flourmill Museum is an interactive space in which tradition and intangible cultural heritage for milling are being preserved and revitalized. During your scheduled visit here, you will be given the opportunity to experience the Cypriot milling cultural heritage and interact with it, with your senses, watching the milling history through visual installations, observing the authentic procedure taking life before their own eyes, listening to the sounds that accompanied the daily life of our ancestors, taking a long whiff of the rich aroma of the freshly ground flour.

Duration of the tour : 35 minutes

Free entrance.

Pre-booking your place is essential.

You can book your place, by calling 23821945 or send us a message in our page inbox.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram!



Στο δροσερό, υγιές κλίμα του Αγρού, σε υψόμετρο 900-1100μ. πάνω από τη θάλασσα, μέσα σε χώμα πλούσια προικισμένο, επέλεξε να ριζώσει τις τριανταφυλλιές της, η οικογένεια Τσολάκη. Πιστή στην παράδοση αλλά και στις ισορροπίες της φύσης, καλλιεργεί εδώ και 70 χρόνια την τριανταφυλλιά, Ρόδη η Δαμασκηνή, δημιουργώντας μια μεγάλη γκάμα από προϊόντα όπως το Ροδόσταγμα Αγρού, βιολογικό τσάι τριαντάφυλλο, σοκολάτες, λικέρ και κεριά αλλά και μια ολοκληρωμένη σειρά πιστοποιημένων βιολογικών καλλυντικών (VENUS ROSE), έχοντας πάντοτε ως βάση το βιολογικό ροδόσταγμα Αγρού και το αιθέριο έλαιο τριαντάφυλλο. Γνωρίστε τις ιδιότητες τους και απολαύστε τα!

Many years ago, the Tsolakis family chose the soil-rich region of Agros Village, with its cool, healthy climate at an altitude of 900-1100m above sea-level, to plant its famous roses. Faithful to tradition and with respect to the balance of nature, the Rose Damascena rose has been cultivated in this region for the past 70 years, creating the purest products for perfect daily care and wellness. Over the years the family has produced a wide range of products such as the Agros rosewater, organic rose tea, chocolates, liqueur and candles but also a complete range of certified organic cosmetics (VENUS ROSE), using its two well-established primary products:  Agros organic rosewater and rose essential oil. Discover their properties and enjoy them!



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Sustainable Future: in every crisis there is an opportunity

The Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) will celebrate its 15-year presence and contribution to the tourism industry by holding an online International Conference. In light of the pandemic, we have chosen to give the Conference the title: “Sustainable Future: in every crisis there is an opportunity”. It is crucial that Travel & Tourism grasps The Chance to Restart More Sustainably & More Responsibly!

Apr 21, 2021 06:00 PM in Nicosia

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