Cyprus Breakfast

Consultants have been exploring the feasibility of a ‘Cyprus Breakfast’ to be offered by Cypriot hotels, enhancing the tourist product and increasing the quality of the tourist experience while simultaneously supporting the local agro-food industry.

The research included an identification and analysis of the current breakfast ‘offer’ within hotels constraints/challenges and opportunities for hoteliers and an investigation into what a ‘Cyprus Breakfast’ could include. A pilot project will commence this Spring.

The presentation of the continuation of the “Cyprus Breakfast” 30th of April 2015, Limassol

Omelet with halloumi and hiromeri

Traditional Cypriot coffee

Arkatena topped with tomatoes, kefalotyri and capers

Green “tsakistes” olives

Tahini and carob syrup bread spread

Cookies with carob syrup

Unsalted anari cheese

Hallumi pie and olive pie

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