Village Route 6: North Pafos and Akamas

With this guide you can discover the real Cyprus, taking a trip from the coast to the heart of the island. Here you can experience the mystery and tradition of this ancient land – with breathtaking landscapes, historic monuments, picturesque villages … and an amazing welcome.

The guide will help you explore easily and includes a visit to the magnificent Avakas Gorge, as well as the beautiful beaches of Lara and traditional villages of the Laona plateau – where you can catch a glimpse of traditional Cypriot life and experience the genuine warmth of the people. We will guide you on what to do, where to eat and buy authentic local crafts and produce – everything for a unique day out.

The routes are smooth and well signposted to ensure an easy drive. You can decide what to do and when – break up the trip, or do the whole route in one day. This is one in a series of six village route guides, so do take a look at the others in the series – they will help you discover even more of the real Cyprus, away from your hotel and the pool! Your trip will also help people living in the villages and surrounding areas to make a fair living from tourism, enabling them to stay in their traditional homes, rather than search for work on the coast.

The routes are designed by the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative, which has been set up to care for this beautiful island and the wildlife and people who live on it, for generations to come. By visiting the places on this route, you will be doing your bit to help keep rural Cyprus special into the future.

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