Introducing CSTI to PASIXE Members

February 14, 2013

Our Mission: To contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in Cyprus that conserves the environment, supports the local economy and promotes the local culture.

SPS_0007Memorandum of understanding 2010-2015

In 2010, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) and UK sustainable tourism charity, the Travel Foundation, entered into a partnership agreement to establish a programme of initiatives to support Cyprus in becoming a leader in sustainable tourism – tourism which benefits destination environments and communities.

Minimum sustainable standards for the Cyprus Hotel Industry

The purpose of this project is to investigate how a simple set of minimum environmental and social standards can be incorporated within the quality review and become part of the quality standards to which hotels must comply. This will assist Cyprus in integrating sustainability principles consistently across the tourism industry. It will help hotels to operate more efficiently, fairly and cost effectively, helping hotels to progress towards some of the standards required for a number of different certification schemes, such as Travelife (supported by UK Tour Operators).Furthermore, it will also serve as a unique marketing tool for the CTO.

Waste mapping project -An innovation for the hotel industry

The partnership is conducting an investigation into reducing solid waste in the tourism industry. A feasibility study has determined a current lack of incentives or penalties to encourage behaviour change in this area which is holding back progress, and there is no short-term solution to this problem. A workable proposal for solid waste reduction, to alleviate the impact of tourism on Cyprus’ already pressured landfill sites is currently being developed by the partnership, which will include a waste mapping project. This project is a unique opportunity for hotels to manage and reduce their waste saving energy and money.

Cyprus Village Routes

CSTI has developed 6 self drive routes, and promotes them under the slogan ‘Discover the Real Cyprus – A Self Drive Tour to create your own Adventure’. Promote the village routes to your guests! The village routes booklets are € 2 each and you can order them by email ( Resell to your guests or provide them in welcome packs!! Make your hotel more sustainable and help the local communities. It is a great opportunity to promote the exploration of rural Cyprus and enrich the quality of holidays for your customers.

Keeping our Beaches Beautiful and Clean for All to Enjoy

You manage a beach hotel and you want to be pioneer in the tourism industry? Find out more about the Greening project and implement the green initiatives easily and sustainably!

Actions already taken at these two beaches (Nissi Beach in Agia Napa and Fig Tree Bay in Protaras) are:

  • Sun beds/umbrellas which have been replaced with ones made from recycled / sustainable materials
  • Traditionally produced/locally made clay ashtrays purchased for Nissi Beach and ashtrays made from recyclable material purchased for Fig Tree Bay
  • Zoned area of sun loungers for smoking / non-smoking guests in Nissi beach
  • General waste/recycling bins replaced and revamped
  • Bike racks installed at Nissi Beach
  • Renovate toilet facilities and increase their daily maintenance at Nissi beach
  • A safe drinking-water fountain installed at Fig Tree Bay
  • A waste management leaflet which is placed on the umbrellas informing the beach users how to manage their litter.
  • Plant and promote Native Cypriot plants
  • Educational presentations provided to local schools introducing them to green beaches.
  • Local residents, school children, businesses, municipalities, hotels and holiday makers participating in beach cleanups!

The Green Handbook will be launched in April! Adopt the project and transform your beach to a sustainable manage beach for all to enjoy!

Benefits of Membership

  • It will help your business corporate social responsibility and meet regulatory requirements
  • It will allow your business to respond to emerging consumer trends and demands
  • Information and access to producers fair
  • Net working opportunities
  • Information and access to Travel Foundation tools
  • Regular newsletters
  • Support with your sustainability plans to help your business to gain a competitive advantage in the tourism industry
  • Listing and advertising on our webpage
  • Opportunity to participate in industry programmes and studies
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