Greening Cyprus Beaches

A new pilot project by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Travel Foundation UK and the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative


In 2010, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), the Travel Foundation and Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) entered into a partnership agreement to establish a programme of initiatives to support Cyprus in becoming a leader in sustainable tourism.

One of these programmes looks at the “Greening” of Cyprus beaches. Following a feasibility study carried out in 2011, a project manager has been recruited to oversee the implementation of the study’s recommendations at two pilot beaches – Nissi and Protaras – throughout 2012.

Simple steps, like addressing the overall cleanliness of the beach and maintaining water quality, will help to create a unique image for these areas among beach users. By improving the overall attractiveness of the beach, it is hoped that local communities and the tourism industry in these areas will be better able to meet holidaymakers’ requirements for sustainable destinations.

The project will promote “green thinking” and have many opportunities for local businesses to get involved and support the initiative, i.e. involvement in workshops and beach cleaning events, helping improve their own corporate social responsibility and make a positive impact for both their business and the wider environment. The first of many workshops has already taken place in an effort to coordinate and inform all relevant stakeholders. The workshop was a success being a channel of communication and exchange of opinions and experiences.

It is hoped the project will create a blueprint for the “greening” of more beaches, to help keep them beautiful for future generations of holidaymakers and Cypriots alike.

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Find out how we have been working with the Travel Foundation and Cyprus Tourism Organisation to make beaches cleaner and greener!

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