CSTI Proud Signatory of the Glasgow Declaration

November 11, 2021

Glasgow Declaration Announcement

The Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI)  is proud to be a Launch Partner and Signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism. This declaration aims to lead and align climate action across tourism stakeholders, including government and institutional agencies; donors and financial institutions; international organisations; civil society; the private sector; and academia.

CSTI as a Launch Partner commits to:

CSTI as a Supporting Organization for Glasgow Declaration will continue playing a multiplier role assisting its members such as hotels, restaurants, municipalities, communities, academic institutions and individuals to accelerate climate action through its projects. CSTI, by using its vast network of stakeholders, will continue lobbying with the Cyprus Government and Parliament in order to introduce new laws, regulations and incentives to the tourism industry to address the climate crisis. It will communicate best practices on addressing the climate crisis, in Cyprus and abroad, to its members.

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