Village Route 5 – Pitsilia

Situated in the heart of the island, Pitsilia spreads between the districts of Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca. It is surrounded by the Troodos National Forest on the West, Adelfoi forest to the north and the Machairas forest to the East. Some of the highest mountain peaks on the island such as that of Adelfoi 1613m and Papoutsa 1554m are found in Pitsilia. Also in Pitsilia are some of the highest villages including Chardria – the second highest village on the island after Prodromos. Rock formations in the area like hatzburgite, gabro, werlite, diabasis and pillow lava form interesting shapes and colours, and from the areas’s deep valleys originate many of the villages of Pitsilia make some of the best commandaria, and the area’s pork meat products are found all over the island. Some believe that the name Pitsilia originates from the ancient Greek word ‘pitys’ which means pine tree, therefore Pitsilia means an area full of pine trees. Others, however, believe that the name originates from the byzantine word ‘pitillin’ a type of embroidered scarf worn by women on the island until recently.

This booklet has been created to provide you with the information you need to experience the real Cyprus: what to do, see, where to eat and where to buy local crafts and products. Roads are smooth and well signposted to ensure an easy drive and a truly memorable visit. You can go right around in a day, you can do part of the route in one day and part on another, or you can break your journey as you wish. Where possible we have given dates of village festivals and other special events. If dates are not shown, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) or your travel representative can help you.

Route Information 

From Ayia Fyla (or Phyla) round about in Limassol go north towards Palodeia and Kalo Chorio from where you will start your route. To reach Kalo Chorio (23km) drive through Palodeia, Paramytha and the village of Gerasa; The drive will take you through the narrower part of the Garilis valley with the impressive steep slopes.

Estimated Length and driving time includes distance/time between villages only:

Approximate length of Main Route: (round trip, starting in Limassol): 155km

Approximate Driving time: 160 mins

Approximate lengths of side trips: Gerasa – Panagia Amyrou: 10 km (round trip).

Approximate driving time: 10 minutes.

Kalo Chorio – Louvras (round trip): 14 km.

Approximate driving time: 15 minutes

Palaichori – Profitis Elias, Sykopetra, Arakapas, Agios Kostantinos, Agios Pavlos: 36km.

Approximate driving time: 45 minutes

Petrol Stations on the Route: Kyperounta.

Main Route includes the following Villages or stops:

Kalo Chorio, Zoopigi, Kato Mylos, Potamitissa, Peelndri, Dymes, Kyperounta, Chandria, Lagoudera, Polystypos, Livadia, Alithinou, Platanistasa, Alona, Fterikoudi, Askas, Palaichori, Agros, Agios Ioannis, Agios Theodoros.

Side Routes:

Panagia Amyrou Monastery, Louvaras, Profitis Elias, Sykopetra, Arakapas, Agios Costantinos, Agios Pavlos.

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