Village Route 4 – Troodos

The region of Troodos is made up of many small, unknown villages which are ready to welcome you. Some of the larger villages are very popular among the locals for a Sunday outing. Once you get to the high peaks of the Troodos mountains, you have panoramic views of the south part of the island, specifically the city of Limassol, the Salt Lake and the Peninsula of Akrotiri. Higher up, on the north slopes of the mountains, you have a view of the central plain of Mesaoria and Nicosia – the capital of the island – as well as Pentadaktylos Mountains in the northern occupied part of the Island. A large part of this route is known as the Commandaria region and takes its name from the famous wine of the island that is produced in the area. Known to Homer and Isiodos, this sweet wine was originally called «Nama Kyprion». The area spreads between 400 and 1400 metres of altidude and gives the visitor the opportunity to admire the beautiful terraced and vineyards that give a variety of native and non-local types of grapes. Archaeological evidence proved that some of the local varieties of grapes have been cultivated on the island for more than 4000 years.

This booklet has been created to provide you with the information you need to experience the real Cyprus: what to do, see, where to eat and where to buy local crafts and products. Roads are smooth and well signposted to ensure an easy drive and a truly memorable visit. You can go right around in a day, you can do part of the route in one day and part on another, or you can break your journey as you wish. Where possible we have given dates of village festivals and other special events. If dates are not shown, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) or your travel representative can help you.

Route Information

Approximate length of main route: (round trip): 159.49kms.

Driving Time: 183 minutes

Approximate length of side routes: Platres / Kykkos (round trip) 47.28kms.

Driving Time: 70 minutes

Kyperounda / Troodos (round trip): 22kms

Driving Time: 20 minutes

Saittas / Lofou / Limassol: 39.40mks

Driving Time: 40 minutes

Saittas / Apaisia / Limassol: 29.85 kms

Driving Time: 43 minutes

If you are coming from Paphos or Larnaka, you need to get the Troodos exit which takes yopu towards Alassa Village. Just outside Limassol, you go past the small Polemidia dam which is on the left hand side of the road. A few more kilometers and you come down the valley of Limnitis River which pours into the Kouris Dam. Alassa is on the hill above the dam. Start your tour here.

Road Conditions: If you are driving the route in winter, please keep in mind that some of the roads in the area, particularly those in the high peaks of the mountain may be closed during winter because of snowfall. The best place to ask about the condition of the roads is the local police station. (The Platres Police Station phone number is 25 813018).

Petrol Stations on the route: Platres, Prodromos, Kakopetria.

Main Route includes the following Villages or stops:

Alassa, Monagri, Doros, Lania, Trimiklini, Moniatis, Pano Platres, Foini, Agios Demetrios, Treis Elies, Kaminaria, Lemithou, Prodromos, Agios Nicolaos tis Stegis, Kakopetria, Spilia, Kyperounda, Kato Amiandos, Fylagra, Saittas.

Side Routes:

Agios Mamas , Kapeilio, Limnatis, Apaisia, Lofou, Pedoulas, Kykkos Monastery, Pano Amiantos – Asvestos Mines, Troodos Square, Platania Forest Station.

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